API Integration

How to integrate your DApp with Murmur

Make sure your DApp meets the following criteria before trying to integrate: 1. The front-end is built as a progressive web app, which runs well on both Web and Mobile. 2. Your DApp holds up the spirit of the EOS Constitution. 3. It is live on the EOS main-net. 4. Your contract calls are publicly visible on an EOS blockchain scanner (such as eospark.com)

***The section below is under construction.*** Get the API from this link, and follow the instructions below. 1. EOS node should start up with HTTP and Wallet plugin

plugin = eosio::wallet_api_plugin plugin = eosio::chain_api_plugin plugin = eosio::http_plugin

2. You should config EOS node server Access-Control-Allow-Origin in config.ini file

access-control-allow-origin = *